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The first school at Sunshine was a one-room building partitioned off by curtains. George Biggerstaff loaned the County $2,000.00 to build the school building.

For the school year 1926-1927, the staff at Sunshine School consisted of the principal, Chancey Brackett, and three teachers: Vera Gettys, Ollie Gettys, and Janet Hunt. Teachers boarded in private homes in the community if they did not have family in the community with which to live.

Sunshine School's first brick building was constructed in 1928, and the contractors were Sabe Shytles and Barnes - at a cost of $20,000.00. First day of school that year was December 31, 1928 and since school started so late, the students had to go 1 1/2 years.

The first graduating class from Sunshine High School was in 1931.

In 2003 ground was broken for a new Sunshine School and the contractors were Hickory Construction Co. of Hickory N.C. The designer was Stephanie Garner and the cost was just under 7 million dollars. Little by little a new school arose and memories of the past became more precious. We were eager to have a new school and all the amminities it would offer, while at the same time we were afraid of losing the comfort and warmth and the sense of family of the old. We held our breath as we watched bits of the old Sunshine torn down and carried. In August of 2004 we began moving into the New Sunshine School. As nice as the new school is, we find ourselves remembering the old and recalling what made it the place that it was. Rest assured, that tradition will be carried over to the new school.

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