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Animal Adaptations - animals depend on their physical features to help them obtain food, keep safe, build homes, withstand weather, and attract mates. These physical features are called physical adaptations. Use this Utah Education Network page to investigate animal adaptations.

Build Your Own Caterpillar - Build a caterpillar with the tools for surviving in its environment. Look at the environment and then choose the parts that will help your caterpillar have the best chance for survival. This site is interactive and allows students to play a game or input or collect data 

Hibernation - a ThinkQuest entry includes information on both warm-blooded and cold-blooded hibernators

Hibernation, Migration and Adaptation - index page of links with almost three dozen places to find information about the three topics 

How Do Animals Spend the Winter? - migration, hibernation and more from Science Made Simple

Polar Bear Migration - an index listing 35 web sites where information can be found

Exploring Ecosystems - explore the living and non-living parts of three extremely different ecosystems and discover how the parts of the ecosystems interact This site is interactive and allows students to play a game or input or collect data

Animal's Diet Game - when an animal appears click on the button that describes the animal - click play to start

Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores - short explanation with example animals for each category

Carnivore, Herbivore, or Omnivore? - Research the diet of each animal using the links pictured at this site. Decide where to place the name of each animal on the list provided at the site. Use this information to create a Venn diagram.

Build a Fish - Build a Fish by choosing a body, mouth, and color/pattern, and then release it into the reef! In the process you will learn about adaptations that help the fish survive in their environment.

National Geographic Adaptation Game

Animal Adaptation Game- Can you beat the clock?  Do you have what it takes?

Harcourt Animal Adaptation Game



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